This is the final episode of Season 26. In the next episode, the Shefield Family, Webeewize helps that family to make matters worse. Gloria heads out to West Hills, California to help grandmother Berthinda (70) that needs her help. All the children's parents were murdered in a bombing. she has 20 kids

However, Gloria was married last week, the couple decided to adopt all the children. That's the reason for this.

Naughty Swivel (For Jose and Sheena)

Reflection Room (For Samantha, John, Chen, Dae-Jung)

Naughty Pit (For Jessie)

Other Techiques

Learn English

Stay In Bed

Reward Chart


  1. Triplets Agatha, Jose, and Sheena, age 15, While Agatha is well-behaved, Jose and Sheena fight and swear
  2. Tom, age 14, Well-behaved
  3. Samantha, age 13, Has Split Personality and has the same brain mixed with Samantha from the Kyra Family
  4. John, age 12, Terroizes his siblings
  5. Marian, age 11, well-behaved
  6. Coco, age 10 (From France), does not understand english very well but well-behaved
  7. Maggie, age 9 (From Scotland, UK), Well-behaved
  8. Twins Toshio and Satoko, age 8 (From Japan): Well-behaved
  9. Twins Baozhai and Chen, age 7 (From China): While Baozhai is well-behaved, Chen fights with her sister
  10. Twins Ji-min and Dae-Jung, age 6 (From South Korea): Ji-min is well-behaved but Dae-Jung swears and behaves the worst
  11. Twins Kwang-Sun and Mi-Yung, age 6 (From North Korea): Well-behaved
  12. Ajit, age 5, (From India): Well-behaved but refuses to go to bed (He is a Hindu)
  13. Twins Jessie and Matilda, age 3 (From Wales, UK): Matilda is well-behaved but Jessie screams, fights swears and does other stuff.