Before the revolving line of creditsEdit

Announcer: "Last time, Jo layed down the law and revisited the Birou Family..."


Nicole: "Naughty boys!"

Robert: "Brahm Allan Jennings!"

Announcer: "That got a stepfather for a YouTuber."

Announcer: "But in this ain't seeing a father. You know why? Because this family's father is dead. Jo visits that family called the Navritalova Family."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Here I am in Berkeley, California, ready to help a widowed mother. Let's take a look at a family who needs my help, shall we?"

???: "Hi, we're the Navritalova Family. I'm Samantha, and I lost my husband Cole in a car crash six months ago. With him buried, I am struggling to raise my 6 kids, Windy who is 5, Wednesday who is 4, Carol Anne who is 3, Hunter who is 2, and 6-month-old identical twins, Trick and Treat."

Samantha: "I have a lot of trouble keeping track of when I feed the twins and when I put them down for a nap because of the older kids' behaviors. Hunter clings onto me 24/7."

Hunter: "Mommy!"

Jo: "Oh, my..."

Samantha: "He won't give up his bottle or his pacifier and he still wears diapers."

Jo: "Why, he's two years old. He's a big boy now."

Samantha: "And the girls, they make a mess with my makeup, they hit me, they throw things, spit..."

[Carol Anne spits]

[Wednesday spits]

[Windy spits]

Jo: "Disgusting! They're like camels!"

Samantha: "They scream, scratch, they won't eat their given meals, and say bad words."

Windy: "(bleep) YOU!"

Wednesday: "(bleep)head!"

Carol Anne: "(bleep)hole!"

Jo: "The children's language is terrible!"

Samantha: "Supernanny, please, please come help me. I'm at my wit's end."

Jo: "Samantha, hang in there. I will be there as soon as possible."

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo: "How long has this been going on, Samantha?"

Samantha: "I don't know. My husband Cole died in a car crash, and the funeral was horrible. Windy, Wednesday, Carol-Anne, and Hunter took off their clothes. Cole's family and friends also have come. Windy took a dump on the casket, Wednesday danced around the cemetery naked, Carol-Anne peed on Cole's twin sister's best dress, Hunter cussed, Windy douse punched Cole's best friend, Wednesday spit on Cole's older sister, Carol-Anne spit on Cole's younger sister, and Hunter threw the valuable vases at Cole's friend."

Jo: "My word..."

Baby LogEdit

Naughty PitEdit

Toy ConfiscationEdit

Naughty CouchEdit

Paci-Fairy techniqueEdit

Potty TrainingEdit

Good EaterEdit

Bye Bye BottleEdit

Off the Hip TechniqueEdit

Windy, Wednesday, Carol Anne and Hunter turn over new leavesEdit

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