The Navritalova Family is a fanon Season 6 season finale episode of Supernanny. Jo heads off to Berkeley, California to meet yet another family in desperate need of help. 38-year-old single mom, Samantha, has lost her husband Cole in a tragic car crash six months ago, and she is struggling to raise her kids alone. Her three daughters, 5-year-old Windy, 4-year-old Wednesday, and 3-year-old Carol Anne, make a mess with their mother's makeup, say bad words, scream, refuse to eat their given meals, fight, scratch and hit their mother, spit, and throw things. 2-year-old Hunter refuses to give up his pacifier, still drinks out of the bottle, refuses to be potty-trained, throws tantrums, kicks, screams, cries, and clings onto his mommy 24/7. Samantha loses track on when she feeds the 6-month-old identical twins, Trick and Treat due to the older children's blatant behavior, so Jo introduces the Baby Log. Can Supernanny help this grieving family out?

Discipline Technique(s) used: Naughty Pit (for Carol Anne and Hunter), Toy Confiscation, Naughty Couch (for Wednesday and Windy)

Other techniques used: Bye Bye Bottle, Paci-Fairy technique, Potty Training, Good Eater, Off the Hip technique

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