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The Naughty Tent was first issued in the Ikin Family. The child stays in the tent for a while. This discipline technique is suitable for children ages 13-16.


  1. Give child a warning via firm voice
  2. Send child to Naughty Tent, no conversation
  3. Explain why child is in Naughty Tent
  4. Discard 10 beanbags, then walk away
  5. Leave child in Naughty Tent one minute per year of age
  6. Discard 6 additional beanbags for each move
  7. Explain the bad behavior
  8. Leave child in Naughty Tent if she refuses to apologize
  9. Return child to Naughty Tent if she leaves before time is up
  10. Get child to apologize
  11. Hugs and kisses
  12. Move on


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