The Naughty Spot was first issued in the McIntire Family. Same rules as in real Supernanny episodes. A child sits anywhere without restrictions and is given an amount of time for 1 minute per year of age. Soon, the child apologizes to the parent for the bad behavior they have done earlier. Also, it is necessary for the parent to give the child a kiss/hug. This is for kids ages 3-7.


  1. Get down to child's level and give child a warning via firm voice
  2. Send Child to the Naughty Spot if warning is ignored
  3. Come down to child's level
  4. Explain the reason why the child is placed on the Naughty Spot
  5. Set timer for one minute of their age
  6. Walk away and ignore the child for a period of time
  7. If child escapes put them back on the spot and reset the timer *No talking*
  8. When timer is up explain again while they were put in time out
  9. Child apologizes. *if not leave them in there for a bit longer*
  10. Hugs and kisses
  11. Move on


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