The Naughty Mat is first introduced in Supermanny Special: (Sanchez Family). This technique is ideal for younger children, from about the age of 2, who might not be safe of comfortable on the steps or on a chair. Parents might like the idea of being able to move the naughty spot around their home, so they can keep an eye on their child wherever they are.


  1. Give him/her a warning via authoritave voice
  2. Sit him/her on the naughty mat
  3. Come down to child's level, explain behavior
  4. Be firm
  5. Ignore attempts for attention
  6. Make sure he knows why you put him/her there
  7. Get child to apologize
  8. Hugs and kisses
  9. Moving on


  • Supermanny Special (Sanchez Family) (Pedro and Pepito for 3 minutes, Miguel for 4 minutes)
  • Yang Family (Linda and Malaika for 3 minutes)
  • Parkhurst Family (Tim, Tony, Robbie, Gary, Lee, Alan, Pete, George, David, Ian and Stewart for 5 minutes)
  • Lavery Family (Brandon for 10 minutes, Ianthe for 9 minutes, Jasmin for 8 minutes, Charlotte for 7 minutes, Yolanda for 6 minutes, Bethany for 5 minutes)

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