GreenSmooth The Nahasapeemapetilon Family is a fanon season 21 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Mumbai, India to meet Muna Nahasapeemapetilon, age 54, who recently lost her husband Raj due to esophageal cancer. She has 2 children: Lina Nahasapeemapetilon, age 18, and Nuali Nahasapeemapetilon, age 17. These children spend too much time on electronics. They lie to their mother, talk back with profane language, stay out past curfew, and tell their mother to "kill herself before they kill her" (their words, not mine!). They have been expelled from 20 schools total. Can Jo help this family? Discipline Techniques: Naughty Swivel

Other Techniques: Lose What You Like Chart, Green Smoothie, and Cooperation

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