My Sister is a fanfic created by Japanlover86.


The story focuses on Yuuya and Ryou's POV after the Nagasaki bombing.

Chapter 1Edit

I held her, her delicate body was now burnt, I needed to get help

" (Yuu-chan, Daddy, me and mommy will always love you-----)" Tokiko's weak voice, then after that,

She died, dead at the age of six, very young life

I then picked her up, then I saw mommy, she was horribly burnt, her kimono she really loved to wear was now burnt and tattered, she was lifeless, like Tokiko was, I won't forgive the Woods Family for tormenting us, my daddy didn't do anything wrong, he wasn't on the planes during the bombing of Pearl Harbour, and Japanese invasion of China and Korea, he was shy and insecure, where is he?


F***, I'm stuck, I feel my stomach making noise, I'm starving, how will I get out, Tokiko and Sakura are already dead, why does Jonathan want me dead? I always respected the Americans, even though Japan was the enemy, how will I?


I asked someone to pick up mommy and Tokiko's lifeless bodies and put them in the basement, I gave them a kiss then put some of their belongings near in the basement.

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