Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Kendra visits Durabn to meet Porsha and Alan with their 17 year old nonuplets and 18 year old undecaplets."

Announcer: "The oldest 18 year old undecaplets become mean devils while the 17 year old nonuplets are the sweetest angels."

Cecil: "(bleep) OFF!"

[Derek hits on Mandy]

Submission ReelEdit

Porsha: "Alan and I have 18-year-old identical undecaplets named Kris, Phil, Jon, Wayne, Mike, James, Derek, Colin, Cecil, Kevin and Paul."

Alan: "And we have identical nonuplets who are girls named Jo-Ann, Helen, Leigh, Lara, Janine, Jackie, Mandy, Robyn and Michelle and they're all 17."

Porsha: "The nonuplets are perfectly sweet well-behaved angels, but the undecaplets are nothing but trouble."

Alan: "They kick, scream, yell, do drugs and fight their sisters."

[Cecil smuggles 5 drugs]

Kris: "(bleep)!"

[Derek hits on Mandy]

Porsha: "To help to sort out their behaviors, Alan and I tried Teen Camp, Behavior Modification Camp, Military School, Boot Camp, Theraputic Boarding School and Residential Treatment Center."

Alan: "But unfortunately, neither of them never worked. We tried everything we could think of, and we felt that we had lost hope."

Porsha: "And we tried Nanny 911, it doesn't work out. Help us, Supernanny!"

Observation BeginsEdit

AM MorningEdit

Wayne: "YOU F****** BONEHEAD!"

Talk with MomEdit

Kendra: "Has any holiday been ruined by those boys?"

Porsha: "First of all, the undecaplets ruined their sisters' 17th birthday and their whole lives. We invited the friends of the girls from school to their party, which was an outdoor movie night. But the undecaplets began to ruin the whole thing just minutes after it began by switching the movies with pornography films. The girls were planning to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's. When we pressed play, instead of seeing the actual movie the girls wanted to see, they saw a man and a woman both naked and engaged in some sexual activity. And to top it all off, the undecaplets even humiliated their sisters in front of their friends, they spoiled the refreshments and they cut the skirts off of their black dresses, exposing their underwear."

Kendra: " "

Porsha: "Heritage Day was "

Kendra: " "

Porsha: "And Christmas was awful because Cecil defaced public school property on the last day of the fourth term. We spent Christmas at "

Kendra: " "

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Naughty DeskEdit

Thought BoxEdit

Shoplift DetectiveEdit

Kendra: "The boys had to wear clothing without any pockets."