Before the Revolving Line of Credit/PrologueEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

[Willow weeps]

Announcer: "Jo meets a widowed mother who lost her husband in a tragic car accident."

[We see a Toyota minivan crashed into a lamp post collided with a Lexus Sedan]

[A mysterious little girl wearing a tiara is seen in the shadows]

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "We're in Massachusetts to help a recently widowed mom. So why don't you join me?"

Willow: "Hi, I'm Willow, and we're the Moranis Family. About six months ago, my husband Norman was tragically killed in a car accident."

[We see a picture of Willow's late husband, Norman]

[A shot of Norman's rolled-over Lexus sedan from the car crash and his body]

Willow: "With Norman gone, it's frustrating and difficult to raise all 7 of my kids on my own."

Moranis Family HomeEdit

[Jo steps out of the car, walks up to a lovely-looking 2-story house and rings the doorbell]

[Willow answers the door]

Jo: "Hi, I'm Jo Frost. Pleased to make your acquaintance. You must be Willow Moranis."

Willow: "Yes, I am."

Jo: "I am very sorry for the loss of your husband. My condolences."

Willow: "The driver who ran Norman over was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Because it is illegal to do so, the driver had his licensee revoked and he was also facing a felony conviction, including a heavy fine."

Observation BeginsEdit

Night: "I want my Binky!"

Regan: "I want my bottle!"

Jo: "Willow gathered her kids to go to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping."

[Willow picks up some junk in the backseat of the car]

Phoenix: "I need my Barney book!"

Willow: "Which book are you talking about?"

Phoenix: "The Barney book that was in the car."

Willow: "Are you talking about your Barney book that was in the car for almost a month?"

Phoenix: "Yes, mommy! Now give it to me! I want it! I want my Barney book now!"

Willow: Alright, here.

[Cut to the supermarket]

[Phoenix takes out 12 eggs from an egg carton and starts throwing them one by one at some customers, but misses half of the time]

At the SupermarketEdit

Jo: "However, the trip to the supermarket was a sheer nightmare for this widowed mother."

[Phoenix throws a toy]

Willow: Stop, or you're going to sit in timeout when we get home!

Dinner TimeEdit

Jo: "The whole Moranis family sat down at the table, and dinner was a complete disaster."

Regan: "No! You don't get it!"

[Phoenix throws his plate across the table]

[Draco and Phoenix scream]

Christine: "(bleep)!"

[Night, Regan, and Talbot throw their cutlery]

[Phoenix throws spaghetti at Draco]

Willow: "It was more like feeding time at the zoo."

Draco: "I hate broccoli!"

Christine: "(bleep)!"

Night: (scoffs) "I am not going to eat!"

Christine: "Me neither!"

Willow: "But I thought you liked lasagna."


Willow: "Time for bed."

Jo talks to ChristineEdit

[Jo walks into Christine's bedroom and finds Christine sitting on her Monster High bed and looking at a photograph of Norman]

[In Christine's bedroom, we see Monster High dolls, accessories, posters, toys, and clothes in her closet]

Jo: "Hi."

Christine: (solemnly) "Hi."

Jo: "Who is that?"

Christine: "That's daddy."

[Jo sits on the bed next to Christine]

Christine: "He was the most wonderful daddy in the world."

[Christine cries and Jo comforts her]

Christine: "I miss my daddy so much..."

Jo: "Do you even consider visiting his grave?"

Christine: "His ashes are scattered in the sea."

Jo talks to WillowEdit

Jo: "Has any holiday been ruined?"

Willow: "Nope, but Christine had been isolating herself from the rest of the family since Norman's death. She basically shut down. She just doesn't know how to handle it."

Parent MeetingEdit

Baby LogEdit

Toy ConfiscationEdit

Naughty PitEdit

Naughty RoomEdit

Jo: "Later on, Mom asked Christine to turn the TV off and start her homework. However, Christine was having none of it."

Willow: "Christine, please turn off the TV and start your spelling homework."

Christine: *whines* "But I'm watching Sonny With A Chance!"

Willow: "Hey, this is your warning. If you do not do as you are told, then you're going to the Naughty Room, in addition, I am taking one of your Monster High dolls away. Do you understand me?"

Jo: "Christine turned the TV off, but then threw the remote at her mother."

Willow: "Ow! Okay, that's it! Into the Naughty Room you go! Move it!"


[Christine pushes Willow]

[Willow puts Christine into the Naughty Room]

Willow: "You are staying in the Naughty Room for six minutes because you didn't listen to me when I told you to start your homework."

[Willow confiscates Christine's Monster High Sweet 1600 Frankie Stein doll and puts it into the toy time-out box]


Willow: "You know the rules Christine, no TV until your homework is all done."

[Willow walks away]

Christine: *still sobbing* "BUT YOU AREN'T LISTENING!!!"

Jo: "Christine wasn't giving into the Naughty Room."

[Christine goes into the living room and continues to watch Sonny With A Chance]

Willow: "Turn off Sonny. You're not supposed to be watching that while you have to stay in timeout."

Christine: "I'm watching it whether you like it or not!"

[Willow tries to take the remote from Christine, but Christine hides it]

Willow: "Give me the remote Christine. NOW!"

Willow: "I just lost patience. She was being extremely rude and disrespectful."

Jo: "Christine. You were asked to turn the TV off because you are currently in the Naughty Room. Now, off you go please."

[Christine spits on Jo]

Jo: "No. You do not spit at anyone because that behavior is unacceptable. Do you understand?"

Christine: "I don't understand. Now, I'm watching Sonny With A Chance!"

Jo: "You've now lost that privilege by not doing what your mother asked you to do and spitting in my face."

[Jo sends Christine to the Naughty Room]

Jo: "Finally, Christine gave up and did her time in the Naughty Room. Or so we thought."

Willow: "Apology please."

Christine: "SORRY!!!!"

Willow: "I want a nicer apology than that."

Christine: (sarcastically) "I'm SO sorry!"

Willow: "Well, unless you can give me a much nicer and more sincere apology, then you're staying in this room."

Jo: "However, her apology was not meaningful or sincere so Willow had to leave her in the Naughty Room for 6 more minutes."

Naughty Room Part 2Edit

[Christine escapes and finishes watching Sonny With A Chance]

Willow: "Turn off Sonny. You're not supposed to be watching that while you have to stay in timeout."

Christine: IT'S OVER ALREADY!!!!"

[Christine throws the remote at Willow, which hits her on the nose]

Willow: "Oh no you don't hit your mother on the nose with a remote control! Your timeout now has to start all over again."

[Christine spits on Willow]


Christine: "Don't care!"

Jo: "She just wouldn't give in."

[Christine starts snacking on Frito Lay's BBQ potato chips in the Naughty Room]

Willow: "No, no chips. You can't have any chips while you're in the Naughty Room."

[Christine finishes the whole bag]

Christine: "I've finished them."

[Willow's anger rises]


Christine: "Definitely, Mom!"

[Willow leaves Christine in the Naughty Room without anymore conversation]

[Christine is reading Your Thing Magazine in the Naughty Room]

[30 minutes later]

Willow: "Apologize to me, Christine."

Christine: "No way!"

Willow: "I want an apology."

Christine: "I'm going to bed. Good night." [goes upstairs]

[Willow follows Christine]

Willow: "Christine..."

Jo: "Has she always behaved like this?"

Willow: "Ever since my husband Norman, has died in a car accident, Christine has a hard time dealing with losing her dad."

Jo: "I needed to get Christine out of bed and finish the timeout!"

Jo: "Come on, Christine. You still need to finish the timeout."

[Jo drags Christine back to the Naughty Room]

[6 minutes later]

Willow: "Christine, you were placed in the Naughty Room in the first place because you did not listen to me when I told you to start your homework and you hitted me."

Jo: "After 2 hours, Willow stuck to her guns with discipline and her persistence paid off."

Willow: "Christine, look at me, this is where you're going to be again if you do not listen to me and break one of the rules. Now I want an apology, but this time, a sincere one."

Christine: "SORRY!"

Willow: "Say it like you mean it."

Christine (sarcastically): "I'm sorry mom!"

Willow: "Say it like you mean it."

Christine (to a wall): "I'm sorry, mom."

Willow: "Look at me and say it."

Christine (to Willow): "I'm sorry, mom."

Willow: "Thank you. I love you, sweetie."

[Christine and Willow hug and kiss]

Paci-Fairy TechniqueEdit

Jo: "The triplets were unwilling to give up their pacifiers, so today, I introduced the Paci-Fairy to Regan, Night, and Talbot."

Jo: "Tonight, the Paci-Fairy is going to come and collect your pacifiers because you don't need them anymore. You are big kids now."

Talbot: "Come on! We want our binkies!"

Willow: "Talbot, you're a big boy now. You don't need your binkie anymore, so tonight the Paci-Fairy is coming to collect it and give it to the babies that need it. In return, she'll leave you a nice little surprise."


[Talbot starts crying, a bang is heard at the door, Christine walks out of her room with fear showing in her eyes]

Willow: "What shall I do? He wants to keep his Binkie."

Jo: "Come down to his level and tell him in a firm voice that he must give up his pacifier."

Willow: "Talbot, you are done with the binkie, Mommy is going to have the Paci-Fairy come tonight to mail the binkie to the babies."

Talbot: (sobbing) "BUT I WANT TO KEEP IT!"

Willow: "I know darling."

Jo: "This was going to be tougher than I thought. Talbot was still stubborn, and he still wanted to keep his pacifier, even though he didn't need it anymore."

Willow: "Talbot, I know you like your Binkie, but you are a big boy now."

Christine: Who's at the door?

Jo: Listen, you're fine.


Willow: "So what do I do, Jo? How can I convince him to give up his Binkie?"

Jo: "He is either going to give it to you or you will take it off him."

Willow: "Talbot, you are either going to give the Binkie to mommy or I will take it off you."

[Talbot runs away]

Willow: "Talbot! Come back here!"

[Christine is reading a Monster High book in her bedroom]

Christine: "Leave him alone, Mom! If Talbot wants to keep his Binkie, then let him!"

Willow: "Christine! Talbot's a big boy now. He doesn't need his Binkie anymore."

Jo: "And then all of a sudden, Christine and Willow start to argue over it! I mean, it's crazy!"


Willow: "Christine, please..."

Christine: "No, Mom! You are upsetting Talbot. If he doesn't want to give up his Binkie, that's his decision."

[Talbot clings to his sister, crying the lights go off making the house go dark and the door swings open to reveal the mysterious little girl she walks in and Jo Frost grabs a flashlight, the lights come back on and the little girl turns out to be Alexa Marko]

Alexa Marko: "Sorry, about that."

Jo Frost: "Alexa, is that you?"

Alexa Marko: "Yes."

Jo Frost: "Pleased to meet you, I'm Jo Frost and how old are you?"

Alexa Marko: "4."

Jo Frost: "Where are your parents?"

Alexa Marko: "They died from drug overdose"

Jo Frost: "I'm sorry, are you staying here for a couple weeks."

Alexa Marko: "Yes."

Christine: "I was reading my book when mom was trying to get Talbot to give up his Binkie."

Christine: (hugs Talbot) "It's okay Talbot. Mommy won't take away your binkie. I promise you."

Willow: "I felt like Christine was undermining me."

[Jo steps in the room, Alexa enters]

Jo: "Willow, I understand this is frustrating, but you must do it."

Willow: "It's just that Christine does this to me all the time!"

Alexa Marko: "She would not."

Willow: "Well, Alexa it is her personality it's that she lost her father in a car crash, he was killed if she can't deal with it me and Jo will."

Alexa Marko: "I understand."

Jo: "Mom was so frustrated with what was happening. She was nearly in tears."

Willow: "Talbot has his big sister wrapped around his finger."

[Willow and Alexa Marko goes into Christine's bedroom]

Willow: "Christine..."

Christine: "You've really upset Talbot. He's still crying."

Alexa Marko: "No, your mom didn't upset him he's a big boy, he can't keep his binkie and you know that your mother is right, and Jo said if you don't listen you're going to be in timeout both of you will, now please listen to your mom she...

Christine: "Get out, you ugly witch I don't want you in my (bleep)ing room I wished you died, you ugly little girl, that broke into our house." [she hits Alexa Marko hard across her face]

[Alexa runs out of the room crying, and Jo Frost enters and looks at her angrily]

Jo Frost: (firmly) "Willow, this is unacceptable behavior you don't talk like that to that little girl and you do not hit her she didn't break in, she came here because her parents died and so she doesn't have anywhere else to live but here and you really did scare her the way you talked to her all she was doing was trying to be nice, do you understand me?"

[Talbot cries on Christine's shoulders]

Willow: "He is too old to keep his binkie. He's a big boy now."

Christine: "SO WHAT??? LET HIM KEEP HIS (bleep) BINKIE!!!"

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny...Mom and Christine come to blows."

Willow: "I feel like that Christine is on Talbot's side, and that she is his mother and not me."

Announcer: "When Supernanny returns."

Willow and Jo vs. Christine and TalbotEdit

Jo: "Christine was being very disrespectful to Willow, so I decided to step in."

Jo: " are being disrespectful to your mother."

[Talbot screams and cries in his sister's arms]

Christine: "Can't you see how Talbot upset Mom made him by trying to take away his Binkie? Doesn't she understand how he feels?"

[Christine hugs her brother]

Jo: "The point is Christine...."

Christine: "Leave him alone. Just leave him alone. He's really upset now!"

[Willow's anger starts to rise]

Jo: "Willow, I'll take care of this. I suggest you go somewhere else to cool down."

[Willow walks away]

Jo: "Right now, both of you are being defiant. Talbot, if you do not give me the pacifier, then you will be going into timeout. Same with you Christine."

[Christine storms off with Talbot in her arms]

Jo: "Right, you're both going into timeout."

[Christine and Talbot go into the Naughty Room together]

Jo: "The Naughty Room is only suitable for Christine, so I'd love for you to place Talbot on the Naughty Stool, OK?"

[Willow goes to take Talbot off Christine, but Christine holds onto Talbot very tightly]

Willow: "Come on, Christine. Talbot needs to go to the Naughty Stool."

Christine: "He's staying with me!"

Willow: "I was beginning to get really frustrated."

Willow: "Let go of Talbot! He needs to go to timeout and you are also in timeout."


Willow: "Christine Louise Moranis! That is not true."


Jo: "I was quite shocked to here Christine speak to Willow like that. It's just disgusting!"

Willow: "Christine! CHRISTINE!" (her voice starts to quiver)

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny...Jo decides to get tough with Christine.

Jo: "Right now, I'm disgusted at your behavior. You do NOT talk to anybody like that, especially your mother."

Christine: "Who the heck cares about my behavior? No one!"

Jo gets tough with ChristineEdit

Jo: "Willow was really uncomfortable with how Christine was behaving, so I decided to have a firm word with Christine, while Willow went outside and got a breather."

Jo: "Right now, I'm disgusted and very angry at your behavior. You do not talk to anybody like that, especially your mother."

[Christine rolls her eyes]

Jo: "Excuse me, don't roll your eyes. That is unacceptable behavior."

Christine: "Oh, shut up. You are annoying me."

Jo: "I am not annoying you, Christine. The fact of the matter is, YOU are being extremely mean and disrespectful to your mother and I really don't appreciate it!"

Christine: "Who the heck cares about my behavior? No one!"

Jo: "Your mother happens to care and I happen to care as well, Christine!"

Talking about DadEdit

[Christine is in her room, looking at a picture of Norman, Jo Frost enters with Alexa Marko]

Christine: "That's me and dad, when we were all at the annual Father's Day picnic."

Jo: "Hey the you treated Alexa was very mean, and she is very sensitive and she's only 4 years old, say I want you to apologize to her for what you said and did."

Christine: "Sorry about the way, I treated you Alexi."

Alexa Marko: "It's alright, all I was saying was that your brother is too old for his pacifier and that's why I am here to take it."

Christine: "Are you the paci-fairy?"

Alexa Marko: "Yes."

Christine: "I don't know where to start."

Alexa Marko: "You must know this, and in fact Christine you possess an ability to use magic, you knew the driver who killed your father was drunk, you were connected to him for long, that this anger in you was caused by an evil curse that turned young children into evil devilish creatures that can only be reversed by a crystal."

Christine: "I have that gift?"

Alexa Marko: "Yes."

[Jo Frost goes back to Christine]

Jo: "Hey listen Christine, you are a magical child and Alexa wants you to go with her to her kingdom."

Christine: "I like that idea."

[Jo hugs Christine]

Planting a Tree in Memory of Norman MoranisEdit

Jo: "Willow, gather your kids outside. I have a surprise for you."

[Willow, Phoenix, Draco, Christine, Talbot, Regan, Night, Luna, Alexa, and Draco follow Jo outside into the backyard to see a tree with a teal-blue ribbon tied around a trunk engraved in white words, "In Loving Memory of Norman Moranis"]

Willow: "What is this?"

Jo: "It's a tree in memory of Norman."

Jo: "However, when I told them that, Christine got really upset about it."

Christine: "Is a stupid tree going to bring my father back to us? NO!!!"

Willow: "No need to get upset about it Christine. Daddy will always be with you, and live on in your heart and in your memories, forever. He is never completely gone."

Christine: "But he isn't here anymore. WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THAT???"

[Christine runs into the house crying, Alexa Marko pulls her wand out and uses a spell to make flowers appear on the tree]

Jo: "Christine? May I talk to you for a moment? I understand how you feel about your dad not being around anymore, but..."

Christine: "I...DON'T...CARE!!!!!"

Jo: "Turn around and look at me please."

Christine: "Go away...or I'll stab you with a knife!!!"

Jo: "Christine, calm down and look at me."

Christine: [sobbing] "My Daddy's never coming back! A tree won't fix it!"

Thought BoxEdit

Jo: "The next day, I introduced to Christine the Thought Box, so that anytime she has any thoughts or feelings she would like to share with her mother, she could feel free to write them down on a piece of paper and put them into the box, so that mom can understand how she feels about missing her dad."

Jo: "Look Christine, it's your very own Thought Box."

[Christine throws the Thought Box out the window]

Jo: "Why did you throw it out the window?"

Christine: "Cause it's a piece of (bleep)!!!"

Willow: "Right Christine! It's straight to timeout for you! How dare you be so ungrateful to Jo when all she did was try and do something nice!"

[Christine spits in her mother's face]

Willow: "OH NO! THAT DOES IT!"

[Willow spanks Christine before dragging her to the Naughty Room]

Willow: "You will stay here for 6 minutes because you are an ungrateful little brat!"

Willow: "Last week, she had been suspended from school for five days."

Christine: "IT WAS JUST A STUPID BOX!!!"

[Willow's anger explodes at Christine]



Jo: "Later on, Christine refused to have dinner by staying in her room. So, I knew Willow had to step in."

Jo: "I want you to tell Christine that she must eat dinner. If she refuses, don't engage in a conversation. Just bring her down and if she misbehaves, you will put her in the Naughty Room and she won't be allowed to go to the Noise land Video Arcade with you and the others. She will have to stay with me."

[Christine clutches onto a photograph of her father]

Willow: " need to eat your dinner. If you do not do what I ask you to do, then you will be placed in the Naughty Room and you will not be allowed to go to the Noise land Video Arcade with me and the others. Do you understand?"

Christine: "I'm not hungry."

Willow: "Christine was testing my patience yet again."

[Willow takes Christine downstairs, Alexa Marko tries to stop her]

Alexa Marko: "Stop"

Willow: "She is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her father so don't come near her when she is like this because she will hit you and yell at you and you will be angry."

Alexa Marko: "I understand."

Willow: "Thanks."

[Alexa leaves to go back to the dinner table]

Christine: *whining* "I'm not hungry."

Willow: "Stop whining Christine Louise Moranis!"

Christine: "It's Chris now."

Willow: "Just have your dinner!"

[Christine kicks at the wall]

Willow: "Stop it!"

Christine: "I DON'T WANT DINNER!" *cries*

Willow: "That does it! You are going to the Naughty Room and having your Lisa Simpson plush taken away!"

[Willow drags Christine into the Naughty Room and confiscates her Lisa Simpson plush]

Willow: "As a result of your behavior, you will also be banned from going to the Noise land Video Arcade with me and your siblings and your friend. You will stay here with Jo-Jo and write a 500 word essay!"

[Christine is about to hit Willow]

Willow: "Don't you dare."

Christine: "I'll pee myself!"

[Nothing happens]

Jo: "Finish your mac and cheese then go and do your essay!"

DVD MeetingEdit

[Christine is staying after school for detention]


Christine: "Go die in a car crash, Jo!"

Christine: "Mom, go and kill yourself!"

[Christine spits in her mother's face]

Willow: "That does it, Christine! I'm sick of your rotten attitude! You are (bleep) ing grounded until further notice!"

Jo gives upEdit

Jo: "Sorry, I can't tame Christine. But I did improve the twins and triplets. Just find yourself another nanny television show."

Christine: "Bye (bleep)! Hope you die in a car crash!"

Regan: Bye-bye, Jo-Jo.

Talbot: Bye, Jo!

Night: Bye-bye!

Draco: Goodbye Jo-Jo!

Phoenix: Farewell, Jo-Jo.

Jo: "But, I will try again."

Family UpdateEdit

Willow: "Christine has been sent to my eldest sister Marge's house for a while. Because she's behaved worse since Jo left. The twins and triplets however, have changed for the better."