In the 8th season premiere of this episode, Jo heads off to Cape Cod Bay, Massachussetts to help out 35-year-old Willow Moranis, who recently lost her husband Norman in a tragic car accident. Because of her husband's death, Willow finds it hard and frustrating to raise her seven kids alone. She has 6-year-old Christine, 9-month-old Luna, 4-year-old identical twin boys Draco and Phoenix and 3-year-old fraternal triplets, Regan, Night and Talbot. It is hard to keep track of her baby daughter Luna due to all the older kids' blatant behaviors. The triplets still drink out of their bottles and wear diapers, refuse to give up their pacifiers, have huge meltdowns, scream, kick, act up in public, at the dining table, in the car, and at home; the twins color on the wall, spit, swear, fight, pinch, shove, bite, scream, refuse to eat their meals or stay in bed, throw tantrums, act up at the table, in the car, in public, and at home, terrorize their baby sister, shout at their siblings and mother, stomp on their mother's prize-winning petunias in the garden, pee on the furniture, and break things; Christine, unable to handle losing a father, takes her pain and grief out on her mother by physically and verbally abusing her, messes up her mother's make-up, swears, breaking her mother's iPad, and refusing to do her homework. Can Jo help this grieving family out?

Discipline technique(s): Naughty Stool (for Regan, Draco, Phoenix, Night, and Talbot), Toy Confiscation, Naughty Room (for Christine)

Other techniques used: Bye Bye Bottle, Potty Training, Paci-Fairy technique, Baby Log, Car Drill Technique, Involvement, Shared Play, Stay in Bed, Vandal Disposal, Homework Station

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