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Taking the Biological children to go trick-or-treatingEdit

Nicole: "The Montgomery Family went trick or treating on halloween."

Morisa: "Are you ready, you guys?"

Jana: "I am!"

[Lydia and Louise are dressed as Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck]

[Andra is dressed as Lady Gaga]

[Ricky is dressed as Spiderman]

[Eliza is dressed as a witch]

[Jana is dressed as Princess Peach from the Mario series]

[Ashlyn is dressed as a Spider Queen]

[the triplets are dressed as pirates]

[Orla is dressed as Dora the Explorer]

[AJ is dressed as a Puppy Dog]

Taking the Foster children to go trick-or-treatingEdit

Taking the Adopted children to go trick-or-treatingEdit

Trick or treatingEdit

[Jana rings the door bell]

Eliza, Andra, Ricky, Ashlyn, triplets, Orla and AJ and Jana: "Trick or treat!"

Lydia and Louise: "Trick or POOPFACE!"

When they return homeEdit

Morisa: "Which movie do you want to watch? It's the Great Pumpkin? Addams Family? Casper? Nightmare Before Christmas? Corpse Bride? Poltergeist? The Frighteners? Edward Scissorhands? Frankenweenie? Paranorman? Ghostbusters? Beetlejuice? Or Girl vs. Monster?"

[Lydia picks out a film called Carrie]

[Louise picks out a film called House of 3000 corpses.]

Morisa: "No you are unable to watch those films in common because these are really scary and it'll give you both nightmares."

[Morisa locks the movies in the cabinet]

Andra: " "

Ricky: " "

Jana: " "

Ashlyn: " "

Orla: " "

AJ: " "

Eliza: " "

Morisa: "Alright, let's watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

[The biological children are watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown]

Morisa: "I will inspect all the treats."

[Morisa checks the treats at the kitchen]

Nicole: "Then all of a sudden, Louise and Lydia caused more havoc."

[Louise and Lydia turn off the lights]

[Louise and Lydia flush over 200 cell phones down the toilet one by one]

[Louise and Lydia throw the rest of the portable electronic equipment out of the window]

[Louise and Lydia knock over all of the Television sets in the house]

[Louise and Lydia quickly trash 5 rooms which are the master bedroom, kitchen, their own bedroom, living room, and attic by tossing items around and knocking over furniture]

[Louise and Lydia quickly lacerate 1000 of their foster siblings via kitchen knives by throwing them directly at them]

[Louise and Lydia quickly turn back on the lights]

[A police car arrives]

Policeman #1: "Hi, girls. Tell me your names."

Morisa: "Their names are Lydia and Louise. May I help you, Officer?"

Policeman: "I would like to inspect some damage in the house."

Morisa: "Those girls lacerated 1000 of their foster siblings with a kitchen knife by throwing them directly at them, trashed 5 rooms, knocked over all of the Television sets in the house, flushed over 200 cell phones down the toilet, and they threw the rest of the portable electronic equipment out the window."

The juryEdit

Judge: "Order in the court, people."

Louise and Lydia return home from juvenile detentionEdit

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