Going to Grandma's HouseEdit

Packing ThingsEdit

At Grandma's HouseEdit

[We see cousins RJ, Skyla and Rosalyn]

Christmas CookingEdit

Apple Cider and EggnogEdit

Hot ChocolateEdit

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread HousesEdit

Making Christmas Cookies and CandyEdit

Taking Some Cookies to a Local Fire HouseEdit

Making Homemade Bird TreatsEdit

Delivering Some Cookies and Candy to Friends and FamilyEdit

Christmas activitiesEdit

Going Ice SkatingEdit

Building a SnowmanEdit

Having a Snowball FightEdit

Going Snow SleddingEdit

Building a Snow FortEdit

Making Snow AngelsEdit

Doing a Puzzle TogetherEdit

Playing Board GamesEdit

The Christmas ParadeEdit

Decorating the Christmas TreeEdit

[The cousins RJ and Rosalyn are hanging the candy canes on the tree]

Stringing Popcorn to Hang on the TreeEdit

Visiting SantaEdit

Opening Christmas PresentsEdit

[Rosalyn checks her presents to open up some gifts]

Rosalyn: "Got it! A , , , , , , and !"

[Rosalyn checks her stockings]

Rosalyn: "Cool! , , , , , , , , , and !"

[Jana checks her presents to open up some gifts]

Jana: "Yay! A smurfette doll, Spectra Vondergeist Haunted doll, , , , and !"

[Jana checks her stockings]

Jana: "Amazing! A , , , , , and an iPhone!"

[Eliza looks under the Christmas tree and shows no presents but a note on the bottom is here]

Eliza: (reading bluntly) "Dear Eliza, you have been very bad because of your dumb, childish behavior. You played so many violent video games every day, every month, and every week. Love, Montgomery family."

[Eliza sighs bluntly]

Eliza: "I want a Justice gift card instead."

[Eliza looks inside and all she sees is coal everywhere.]

Eliza: "I wish I want some dolls..."

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