Monika Fech II (Born June 30th 2016) is the younger sister of Josef Fech, she was named after her great-grandmother.


Monika Fech II is a young girl of below average height and average weight, she wears a green jumper and a red skirt, white socks and black Mary-Jane shoes, she has her black hair tied into pigtails.


She is hated by some retired American soldiers due to her namesake, and birth date, which is the same as her great-grandfather, she is shy and sensitive, what made her so disturbing is that she sneaked down to the basement to stare at her dead great-grandfather's skeletal remains


  • She was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 8 and she donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation and her wish was to go to San Diego's Comic-Con.

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