Monica Cooke (born September 17, 2024) is the youngest child of single father Kyle Cooke and a fraternal twin sister of Robbie Cooke.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Kyle Cooke (2004-)
  • Brother: Robbie Cooke (2024-)
  • Sisters: Danielle Cooke (2023-), Kara Cooke (2023-)
  • Uncles: Kevin Cooke (1997-), Spencer Cooke (1999-)
  • Cousins: 
  • Grandmother: Terri Cooke (1965-)
  • Grandfather: Douglas Cooke (1965-)

In Supernanny MysteriesEdit


  • Her full name is Monica Vivian Cooke.
  • She was expelled from 17 schools:
  1. Byron Elementary School for throwing a boy's feces at a teacher.
  2. Webberville Elementary School for punching a kid in the face and beating him up repeatedly for insulting her dead great-grandmother (Kyle's grandmother, Sue).
  3. Wilbur Bills Elementary School for putting a tack on the teacher's chair.
  4. Shaftsburg Elementary School (newly-rebuilt) for running down the halls, snatching a teacher's book and spitting on another student.
  5. EC3 (Education Child-Care Center) for urinating on a teacher's clothes.
  6. Corunna Elementary School for punching a principal in the nose.
  7. New Lothrop Elementary School for throwing a chair at a student.
  8. Auburn Hills Elementary School for wrecking a teacher's jewelry box.
  9. Allen Park Elementary School for tripping a person roller-skating down the hall
  10. Military School for wrecking the entire building.
  11. Allendale Elementary School for flipping a teacher off.
  12. Rainbow Child Care Center for swearing at a teacher.
  13. Mason Elementary School for throwing a rock at the teacher.
  14. Webberville Elementary School (again) for throwing a bottle at the teacher.
  15. Shaftsburg Elementary School (again) for pushing a teacher down a flight of stairs.
  16. EC3 (again) for bringing a gun and a knife to school.
  17. Webberville Elementary School (again) for breaking a table.
  • She is now attending Morrice Elementary school, as are Robbie, Kara and Danielle.
  • She has the same brain mixed with Orla Birou.
  • Her favorite food is a Hostess Suzy Q's cake snack
  • Her favorite drink is a Cherry Coke
  • Her favorite dessert is cherry pie
  • Her favorite dinner is pizza
  • Her favorite restaurant is Fazoli's
  • Her favorite football player is Tom Brady
  • Her favorite movie is Twelve Siblings, the movie which her father writen, produced and stars in
  • Her favorite music is ZZ Top, Johnny Cash and all the other music which her father listened to in the past.
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Her favorite TV shows are Barney and Friends and PB&J Otter
  • For Halloween 2027, she was dressed up as a fairy.
  • Monica was kicked out of the Old Country Buffet restaurant for her bad behavior.


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