The Mines Family is a fanon season 29 episode of Supernanny. Gloria enters Riverton, UT to meet the Mines Family. Eric, age 38, and Sandrine, age 28, have 3 young children: Eileen, age 5, Robbie, age 3, and Darla, age 2. Eileen will refuse to eat her dinner and she constantly uses her mother's make up to terrorize people by messing up any part of their body, Robbie tortures the family's pet rabbit named Mr. Ears and throws tantrums when things don't go his way, and Darla is still wearing diapers and refuses to take any baths. Can Gloria sort these things out for this family before it goes too awry? This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Chair, Good Eater, Potty Training, Diaper Disposal, Bathtime Technique, and Mommy & Me.