The Mina Family is an episode of Season 29, Annie travels to Chicago, Illinois to help a family with a child with HIV/AIDS, Mary, age 45, and John, age 47, have 5 children, Lily, age 14, Courtney, age 12, Laila, age 5, Miya, age 4 and Brandon, age 2, Laila contracted AIDS and she is well-behaved but she doesn't understand the disease very well, Miya is also well-behaved, her siblings are far from it, Lily became bullying Laila and hurting her, Brandon is afraid his sister is going to die and takes his sorrow out on his parents, Courtney back talks, but other than that, she is well-behaved, Mary was strucken when Laila contracted AIDS, and was devastated from it, and she can't go to school but is homeschooled and takes medication to slow down the process, can Annie help this family or will it get worse and more heartbreaking?

Discipline Techiques: Reflection Room (For Lily and Courtney), Naughty Pit (For Brandon)

Other Techiques: Illness Box (For Laila), Mommy and MeReward Chart