Michelle Munku (born September 19, 2019) is the youngest child of Porsha and Alan Munku and the identical nonuplet sister of Jo-Ann, Helen, Leigh, Lara, Janine, Jackie, Mandy and Robyn. She was born 2 1/2 minutes after Michelle, who was born 1 minute after Lara, who was born 4 minutes after Helen, who was born 3 minutes after Jo-Ann, who was born 1 minute after Mandy but she was also born 10 1/2 minutes before Jackie, 8 1/2 minutes before Janine, 3 1/2 minutes before Leigh.

Birthday PartiesEdit

  • 1st Birthday-The Backyardigans themed party
  • 2nd Birthday-Bubble Guppies themed party
  • 3rd Birthday-Sofia the First themed party
  • 4th Birthday-Cinderella themed party
  • 5th Birthday-My Little Pony
  • 6th Birthday-Furby themed party
  • 7th Birthday-Neon Hello Kitty themed party
  • 8th Birthday-Spa Party
  • 9th Birthday-Game Show Party
  • 10th Birthday-Sleepover party
  • 11th Birthday-Painting birthday party
  • 12th Birthday-went Go Kart racing with her friends
  • 13th Birthday-Garage Dance Party
  • 14th Birthday-went to a movie theater
  • 15th Birthday-went to a concert with her friends
  • 16th Birthday-Sweet 16 Party
  • 17th Birthday-Outdoor Movie Night
  • 18th Birthday-Spent the weekend in a cabin up in the mountains


She wears a light blue jacket, a pair of pink capri jeans, a red headband, neon green hoop earrings, a purple tank top, a pair of orange socks, and yellow sneakers.


Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Michelle Jessie Munku
  • She loves Indie music
  • In Christmas 2036, she opened her presents to reveal . And in her stocking, she found .