Mi-Yung Kiranoko and Satoko Shako is a fanfiction by Japanlover86.

Chapter 1Edit

A Japanese 12 1/2 year old girl were greeted a famous family with her mom, the Kiranokos, a family which adopted kids all over the globe.

"" (Mom, new customers) Said a pre-teen girl wearing a sailor fuku and holding a plush of Japan from Hetalia, she walked towards the door, her name was Satoko

"" (Welcome to Manga Heaven) Satoko said

"Hi, I'm Mi-Yung, and these are my siblings!" Said Mi-Yung

"Do you like Hetalia?" asked the German boy, Hans, who was holding his younger Italian sister, Alda, noticing the Japan plush in her arms

"" (Yeah, but the fans drive me crazy) said Satoko

She and the kids went upstairs

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