Message to Dietrich is a Japanese anti-war film, it focuses on Dietrich's last 3 days before his demise.


24-year old German sniper Dietrich Fech, with sons Hans and Alois, wife Monika, then planes are seen, killing Monika and Alois, and becoming separated from Hans, and later, Dietrich is in his room, his maid says he's still not eating, the second day, Hans is still missing, Dietrich is now shooting down soldiers, then there is a flashback to the Battle of Stalingrad, the aftermath, and being found by Antonino, who died 2 years earlier, the maid comes in, asks him if he is hungry since he is still not eating, on the third day, American soldier Jonathan Woods sneaks into the mansion, then into Dietrich's office, much to the German's fright, then stabs him in the neck to death, his body is found by Hans two days later, 31 years later, It ends with Dietrich, Monika, and Alois looking down on the modern city of Berlin at night, then the credits roll.



It received positive reviews from critics.

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