• Rose is allergic to peanuts.
  • In Christmas 2034, Lucas received nothing but coal in his stocking.

List of schools Lucas has been expelled from:

  1. School Without Walls High School for making his classmates watch disgusting YouTube videos.
  2. Cesar Chavez PCS-Upper School Campus for academic dishonesty
  3. Wilson High School for stealing food from the cafeteria
  4. Duke Ellington School of the Arts for plagiarizing
  5. Benjamin Banneker High School 
  6. National Collegiate PCS for computer hacking
  7. St. Coletta Special Education PCS for bullying other kids
  8. SEED PCS for the gas leak incident
  9. D.C. Preparatory PCS-Edgewood Middle for setting the principal's car on fire
  10. Coolidge High School for filling the boy's bathroom toilets with poisonous water and forcing a boy to drink out of one
  11. KIPP DC PCS: College Preparatory for plagiarizing
  12. McKinley Technology High School
  13. Dunbar High School
  14. Washington Math Science and Technology PCS for computer hacking
  15. Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS for causing an accident at the school parking lot

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