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Melissa Patterson (born September 26, 2004) is a daughter of Rhonda and the late Herb Patterson.


She has fair skin, hazel eyes, red hair and freckles


Family TreeEdit

  • Father: Herb Patterson (deceased) ( - )
  • Mother: Rhonda Patterson (née: Smith) (1968-)
  • Sisters: Mary Patterson (2002-), Orla Patterson (2006-), Karen Patterson (2011-), Rachel Patterson (2016-)
  • Aunts: Christina Smith-Adcock (1970-), Janice Patterson-Backus ( -), Ruby Patterson-Clay ( -)
  • Uncles: Jagadeep Adcock ( -), Joe Backus (1970-), Jordan Clay ( -), Valentin Smith ( -), Erik Patterson ( -)
  • Cousins: Kiki Patterson, Katrina Smith, Buddy Patterson
  • Grandmothers: Rosemary Patterson (née: ) ( -), Terri Smith (née: ) ( -)
  • Grandfathers: Kevin Patterson ( -), Cedric Smith ( -)


  • Her full name is Melissa Trixie Patterson
  • For Halloween 2019, she was dressed up as a Glee Cheerios Cheerleader, complete with red lace tanga shorts, white knee highs and sneakers
  • She is made fun for having red hair and freckles


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