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Melissa Beauregard gets kicked out of Cluster County District High School

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Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "Melissa was expelled from Cluster County District High School for setting the entire school on fire for not giving her a part in the school play called In the Woods."

Violet: "Girls, it's time to get ready for school!"

Melissa at SchoolEdit

Mrs. Garret: "It's time to announce the parts for In the Woods."

Melissa: "What part do I get?"

Cut to:

Mrs. Garret: "Unfortunately, the rest of you will not have a part."

[Melissa snaps]


Mrs. Garret: "Sorry, Melissa. But I can't change the roles for you to be included."

Melissa Gets RevengeEdit

Melissa Goes CrazyEdit

Nicole: "Melissa got so upset and angry that she didn't get a part in the school play. But what she did next was exceedingly shocking."

Melissa: "I worked so hard and so long, and they rejected me!"

[Melissa lights a match and sets the lockers on fire]

Nicole: "She set the school on fire because she didn't get a part in the play."

[The entire school catches fire]

[cut to:]

[Violet is having coffee with a friend]

[The phone rings]

[Violet answers the phone]

Violet: "Hello, Beauregard Residence? This is Violet speaking."

Principal Brown: "Mrs Beauregard, come quickly! It's your daughter Melissa!"

Violet: "Why? What happened?"

Principal Brown: "She has lost it!"

Mrs. Garret: "Tell her Melissa has set the whole school on fire."

Principal Brown: " "

Violet: " "

The Principal's DecisionEdit

[Violet arrives at the school, noticing that the police and firemen are everywhere]

cut to:

[Melissa is in the principal's office with Violet and Mrs. Garret]

Expulsion AftermathEdit

???: "Teen Camp, this is Sheila Rose speaking."

Violet: "Hello, my name is Violet Beauregard and I would like to enroll my 16-year-old daughter Melissa in your program please."

Sheila: "How long will she be staying for?"

Violet: "Until I can find her another school for her to attend."

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