Time for SchoolEdit

Nicole: "Meghann Qixxel was kicked out of Cumberland Elementary School for her very bad behavior towards other kids."

[Kristin is helping Gabrielle, Jenna and Erin ready for school]

Aaron: "Meghann, you need to be up for school right now."

Meghann: "No."

[Denise is packing Gabrielle, Jenna and Erin's lunches]

[Kristin is gathering Gabrielle, Jenna and Erin's coats]

Meghann at SchoolEdit

[Meghann punches a kid with glasses]

[Meghann pushes a preschooler into the P.E. basket]

[Meghann beats up a Japanese kid]

[Meghann beats up a Chinese kid]

[Meghann beats up a Russian kid]

[Meghann beats up a South Korean kid]

[Meghann beats up an African kid]

Principal's OfficeEdit

[Meghann is at the principal's office with Aaron and Denise]

Principal Burgess: " "

Expulsion AftermathEdit