Megan Warman (born May 11, 2012) is the youngest daughter of single mother Kelly Warman.


She is seen wearing black and white saddle shoes, a checkered dress with a matching bow. She has shoulder-length dark hair.


Family TreeEdit

  • Mother: Kelly Warman (1989-)
  • Sister: Amber Warman (2010-)
  • Aunts: Selma Vanzo-Warman, Lindsey Warman-Sakai, Claudia Warman-Symon (1990-)
  • Uncles: Montgomery Warman, Horatio Sakai, (1988-), Symon (1988-)
  • Cousins: Samantha Warman, Dante Warman, Azariah Warman, Elise Sakai, Karen Symon
  • Grandmother: Patty Warman
  • Grandfather: Dan Warman


  • Her full name is Megan Gemma Warman
  • Her favorite song is "Teensy Weensy Spider"
  • Her favorite book is Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann
  • Her favorite hobby is science experiments
  • Her favorite TV show is Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Her favorite movie is Disney\Pixar's Cars
  • Her favorite color is red


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