Mee Family is a Fanon Season 18 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits London, UK to help out the Mees. Christopher, age 47 and Madison, age 46, have 7 kids. Paige, age 16, Lily, age 14, Seghan, age 12, Von, age 10, Turner, age 7, Debbie, age 5, and Whitney, age 3. Von is the main problem in the Mee Family: he kicks, whines, pinches, assaults, bites, hits his siblings, and tells them to shut up. Von has been expelled from two schools so far. Lily, Paige, Turner, and Debbie are well-behaved. Seghan and Von wrestle each other for no reason. Whitney climbs on the furniture, pees everywhere, acts up, and runs around naked. Can Jo keep this family under control?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Tuffet (for Seghan), Reflection Area (for Von), Naughty Pit (for Whitney)

Other Techniques Used:

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