In this Fanon Season 31 episode, Ruth Higgins is in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire in Scotland to help Chris (40) and Tara (38) with their 18 children. Karen (16), Brian (11), Wally (8), Mitch (5) and identical quadecaplets Davina, Fiona, Georgina, Kirsty, Shona, Avril, Ellen, Gillian, Hazel, Janice, Kayleigh, Becky, Rowena and Lynsey (3½). Karen and the quadecaplets are the sweetest well-behaved little angels, but not their very selfish, mean brothers. Brian swears, ruins holidays, menaces the quadecaplets, takes his clothes off in public and not to mention that he got expelled from 5 schools in Larkhall. Wally also menaces the quadecaplets and sometimes teams up with Brian to do things which are unacceptable. Mitch brandishes his private parts to his quadecaplet sisters, runs around naked and other things which are unacceptable. Meanwhile, Karen decides to become a third parent. Will Ruth tame the bad boys from Scotland or will the disrespect continue?

Discipline Techniques: Reflection Area (for Brian, Wally and Mitch), Toy Confiscation (for Mitch), Lose What You Like Chart (for Brian and Wally)

Other Techniques: Sister Box (for Karen and the quadecaplets), Mini-School Technique, Birthday Planner, Essay Order

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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