The McKrik Family is a fanon season 17 episode of Supernanny. Jo travels to New York City. While mom Marcy (42) is at a full-time and 24/7 job, Michael (44) has to deal with his children without his wife, but his sister Marge (41) helps him. Michael and Marcy have children, some of whom are spoiled brats. Marshal (19), Mary (18), and Marcia (17) are well-behaved, as the youngest three are far from it. If you thought Morisa Othorimer from Season 20 was bad, Morisa McKrik (16) copies her and also copies Holly-Cynthia Zagart. If you thought Imogen Panizza from Season 13 was bad, Michaela (12) copies her. Maeve (11) talks constantly back to her parents and swears.

Discipline techniques: Privilege Removal Board, Trust technique, Allowance Chart

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