Jo Frost-11-25-11
Jo heads off to Hernando, Mississippi to help out the McGuire family. Rustin (36), and his wife Salem (31), have 6-year-old identical sextuplet daughters, Midnight, Glinda, Coraline, Trixie, Autumn and Lenore, 7-year-old identical twins, Connie and Ruby, 8-year-old Priscilla, and a 15-week-old son Poe. These girls fight and bicker over who has the best Monster High dolls and accessories and playsets, they pull each other's hair, scream, swear, hit, kick, and shout at each other. When they're not yelling and fighting with each other, they refuse to do their chores, break things, shout at their parents and terrorize their brother Poe. Can Jo nip the sibling rivalry in the bud for good?

Discipline techniques used: Reflection Room, Toy Confiscation

Other techniques used: Chore Buddy System, Princess Reward Chart, Pick and Choose technique, Baby Log

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