In this episode, Jo returns to the UK to help Peter (35) and Julie McGregor (39) from Essex control their wild daughter who has been expelled from a bit more than 300 schools. Chantelle (16) is the worst behaved teenager Jo has ever encountered. She throws tantrums fit for 4 year-olds when things don't go her way, she is dating an older guy and she is overly spoiled. Her younger siblings, Mack (13), Lucy-Anne (10) and Corey (7 1/2) are all well-behaved. Can Jo put a stop to Chantelle's behavior or will she fail?

Discipline technique used: Naughty Swivel, Lose What You Like Chart, and Get What You Hate Chart.

Other techniques used: Trust Technique, Essay Order and Thought Box


  • Chantelle has the same brain mixed with all amok runners from Supernanny S1-S7 and Supernanny Fanon Series, but even ten times worse.

Transcripts in Theory GamesEdit

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