McGregor Family
Season 12, Episode 5
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Supernanny Season 11 Special Update
In this episode, Jo returns to the UK to help Peter (35) and Julie McGregor (39) from Essex control their wild daughter who has been expelled from a bit more than 300 schools. Chantelle (16) is the worst behaved teenager Jo has ever encountered. She throws tantrums fit for 4 year-olds when things don't go her way, she is dating an older guy and she is overly spoiled. Her younger siblings, Mack (13), Lucy-Anne (10) and Corey (7 1/2) are all well-behaved. Can Jo put a stop to Chantelle's behavior or will she fail?

Discipline technique used: Naughty Swivel, Lose What You Like Chart, and Get What You Hate Chart.

Other techniques used: Trust Technique, Essay Order and Thought Box


  • Chantelle has the same brain mixed with all amok runners from Supernanny S1-S7 and Supernanny Fanon Series, but even ten times worse.

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