Before the Revolving Line of CreditsEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Violet: "My birthday party is ruined!"

Announcer: "Jo meets a single divorced dad..."

Dominic: "Guys, be nice to T.K., he's only a baby."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look at which family needs my help this time."

???: "Hi, we're the McCord Family. I'm Dominic, I'm an engineer and a single divorced dad."


Jo: "Nice to meet you, I'm Jo Frost. Oh, and who's this little one?"

Dominic: "That's T.K."

Jo: "Hi, T.K., how are you, darling?"

[T.K. baubles]

Dominic: "T.K.'s a little shy, just to let you know."

McCord Family IssuesEdit

Dominic: "Guys, please don't hurt T.K., he doesn't like it when you do it."

Casey: "I wanna hurt him. It's cool."

Dominic: "No, it's not cool to hurt your brother."


Jo: "It was bedtime, and the children were watching television."

[Jamie, Casey, and Carlos are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV]

Dominic: "Let's go you guys, time for bed. Turn off Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."

Jamie: "No! We wanna keep watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!"

Dominic: "Your little brother, T.K. is asleep."

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit


Thinking PondEdit

Privilege Removal BoardEdit

Violet's 7th Birthday PartyEdit

[Violet is dressed in a Dorothy costume, complete with Ruby Slippers and Toto in a Basket whilst Dominic is dressed in an adult Wizard of Oz costume and T.K. is dressed in a cute Toto costume]

[Jamie is dressed in a Scarecrow costume, Casey is dressed in a Tin Man costume, and Carlos is dressed in a Cowardly Lion costume]

Jo: "The next day was Violet's 7th birthday, and she was having a Wizard of Oz-themed party and she invited her friends from her 1st grade class, her ballet class, and theatre musical class."

[The favor station has favor baskets filled with goodies, like "Glinda's Magic Bubbles", Magic wands, Sticker sheets, an Oz diploma with a red ribbon tied around it for each guest, Caramel Apples, rainbow lollipops, Ruby Slippers Christmas ormanents, Wizard of Oz puzzles, small stuffed monkeys, Emerald City cookies wrapped in cellophane, and complete Wizard of Oz favor sets]

[The song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland is playing in the background]

Violet: "Janine-Anne, Kiki, Michelle, Candace, Nancy, Jessica, Addie, Chelsea, hi! Come on in!"

[On the beverage table are a bowl of melting witch punch, over the rainbow punch, Witch repellent water, Witch's brew lemonade, Jones drinks formed in a rainbow, Emerald City Punch, Tin Man punch, Auntie Em's lemonade and water]

[On the dessert table is a 18x13 Wizard of Oz rainbow cake, rainbow swirled lollipops, Emerald City cookies, tornado cupcakes, Lollipop cookies, Witch's hat cookies, a rainbow Jell-O mold, Toto cupcakes, emerald green gum balls, emerald green candy sticks, Auntie Em's cupcakes, ruby slipper cookies, hot air balloon cookies, ruby red cake pops and rainbow sherbet ice cream]

[On the buffet table are Poppy Seed Field Salad, Yellow Brick Road Mac 'n Cheese, rainbow fruit skewer kabobs, rainbow veggie platter, Witch's fingers, Yellow brick road sandwiches, rainbow fruit platter, Witch's broomsticks, Lion crackers, Wicked Witch of the West snacks, and Egg salad]

Violet: "Daddy, can we watch The Wizard of Oz movie on the giant screen after the food and prizes?"

Dominic: "I can arrange that."

[Jo is dressed as Glinda the Good Witch of the North]

Jo: "The children played games like Melt the Witch, Wizard of Oz Bowling, Pin the Heart on the Tin Man, What's Behind the Curtain, Glinda's Follow the Yellow Brick Road Game, Munchkin bingo, Roar Like a Lion, and Witch's Broom Relay Race; they also had magical manicures, colored their own rainbow, made their own scarecrow magnets and had lots of fun, and everything went just for a while. Until Violet's younger sisters and brother kicked off."

Jamie: "(bleep) you!"

[Jamie rips out her costume alongside Casey and Carlos]

Jamie: "Go to (bleep)!"

[Jamie destroys the scarecrow magnets with aluminum baseball bats]

Kiki (dressed in a Glinda costume): "Oh, no!"

[Casey changes the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland to "On Fire" by Lil' Wayne]

Chelsea (dressed in a Wicked Witch of the West costume): "No, not the music!"

Dominic: "Oh, no. What happened?"

[Jo is carrying T.K.]

[Dominic changes the music back to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and deletes "On Fire" by Lil' Wayne from the playlist, then he fixes the scarecrow magnets]

Dominic: "There, good as new."

Jo: "Would you like some Melting Witch punch, girls?"

Kiki/Chelsea/Violet: "Yes, please."

[Cut to: Dominic talking to Carlos, Casey and Jamie]

Dominic: "Listen to me, Casey, Jamie and Carlos. I will not have you ruining Violet's birthday party for her, do you understand? Otherwise you will go sit in the Thinking Pond."

[Casey, Carlos, and Jamie refuse to listen and continue ruining the party]

[Casey changes the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to Under the Influence by Eminem]

Nancy: "Not again!"

Dominic: "That's it, I am putting all 3 of you into the Thinking Pond!"

[Dominic puts Casey, Jamie and Carlos into the Thinking Pond while Jo holds T.K.]

Dominic: "You need to stay in the Thinking Pond for a while because you were wrecking the party."

[Violet opens her present from her friend Kiki to reveal a Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of Oz Blu-Ray Disc]

[Jo changes the music back to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland]

1 minute later

[Jamie changes the music to "On Sight" by Kanye West]

[Jo changes the music back to "Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland]

Jo: "And to make sure it stays this way...we have a music block system, to block Kayne West, Eminen, Li'l Wayne and all questionable music. There, now we won't have that problem anymore."

Candace: "I have a present for you, too."

[Violet opens the present to reveal a Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz Blu-ray Disc]

Violet: "Oh, my gosh! It's the sequel to Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz! Thank you!"

Snack Jar TechniqueEdit


DVD MeetingEdit


Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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