In this episode, Jo heads off to Oklahoma City, OK to meet a single divorced dad named Dominic (34) who has five kids: Violet (6 1/2), Jamie (5) Casey (4), Carlos (3), and T.K. [Timothy Kevin] (11 months). Violet is well-behaved, but Jamie, Casey, and Carlos are anything but. They break things, refuse to go to bed, refuse to brush their teeth, they shout, snack on junk food, they throw toys, they hit, play baseball in the house, terrorize baby T.K., and call each other names. To add insult to injury, there is no scheduled evening routine so they end up staying up late watching the Go Diego Go and Blue's Clues videos they have all night. Is Jo up to the challenge or will the amok runners send her away?

Discipline techniques: Privilege Removal Board, Thinking Pond, Toy Taming

Other techniques: Toothbrush Technique, Thought Box (for Violet), Stay in Bed, Baby Log, Family Time, Snack Jar Technique