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Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo helps a young Lesbian couple with a 22 year old mom and 20 year old mom with 2 year old twin daughters driving them crazy."

[Ellen slaps Rachel]

[Jill bites Patty]

Rachel: "Everyday, it becomes a battle!"

Announcer: "The twin girls also disturb their parents with homework."

Rachel: "Ellen, Jill, can you girls get out? I'm trying to do my homework!"

[Ellen spits at Patty]

Patty: "Do not spit at me, that's very unacceptable."

[Jill kicks Rachel on the face]

Announcer: "Can Jo help this family?"

[Ellen and Jill scream at the top of their lungs]

Submission RealEdit

Jo: "You're with me in Plano, Texas. I'm ready to help a teenage Lesbian couple. Let's take a look."

Rachel: "Hi, we're the McCloud Family. I'm Rachel and I'm 20 and this is my husband Patty who is 22."

Patty: "Rachel and I work as college students. We have 2 year old twin daughters named Ellen and Jill."

Rachel: "They will kick."

[Ellen kicks Patty]

[Jill kicks Rachel]

Patty: "They will also not share their toys."

[Ellen and Jill are fighting each other with their Barbie dolls]

Rachel: "They still drink out of bottles and I'm afraid they won't let me or Patty send them to the Paci-Fairy."

[Ellen and Jill are drinking out of bottles]

Patty: "Supernanny, we need your help right now."


[Jo arrives at a house with 100 windows, 10 balconies, 20 garages and 2 french doors]

[Jo rings the doorbell]

[Patty and Rachel answer with their 2 girls clinging on their legs]

Jo: "I say you must be Patty and you must be Rachel."

Patty: "Our 2 year old girls are clinging on our legs."

Rachel: "The one who is clinging on my leg is Ellen and the one who is clinging on Patty's leg is Jill."

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