The Maxima Family is a fanon season 23 episode of Supernanny. Gloria Robinson born in New York replaces Jo Frost since she retired. She is gone to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico to meet the Maximas. Miguel, age 38 and Eva, age 33, have 4 children: Beatriz, age 9, Carlos, age 7, Salma, age 3, and Juan, age 2 months. Beatriz has no respect for her parents and plays heavy metal music with explicit lyrics. Carlos refuses to eat tacos and smashes his mother's cosmetic kits. Salma throws tantrums and screams very hard when things don't go her way. She also hits, spits, bites, pulls hair, knock over things, and pee on furniture. Eva loses track of Juan so quickly due to the other kids' blatant behaviors. They are also afraid that the two parents are worried that Beatriz, Carlos, and Salma are ruining the funeral since their great-grandmother named Dulce recently died due to breast cancer. Can Gloria restore peace by helping this family? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room (for Beatriz and Carlos), Naughty Pit (for Salma), Baby Log, Good Eater, Practice Hard, and Memory Box.

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