Matthew Duric (born 2021 in , North Korea) is the youngest adoptive child of lesbian couple Alana and Melanie Duric.



Family TreeEdit

Team Terrific 10's Union of KoreansEdit

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit

He is part of Team Terrific 10's Union of Koreans. In Fights! Hammer 'Em! Auction?!, he and Ri Dae-Jung were asked to massacre an auction by the Gadadhara Bobbalu team.


My father was in the Korean People's Army, when he died, he withered to the weight of an 14-year old, he was just 22 years old, I was only 2, his belly was making loads of noises, he was deployed at North Hamyong, which is a very poor area in DPRK, even DPRK army faced starvation, he went scurrying around, looking for something to put in his mouth, the corn did little to ease, he was thinner than usual, and he was too hungry to do work and was discharged and 5 weeks later, he died of starvation, he weighed 21 lbs, I could see his ribs, mother died in childbirth. ~ Matthew on his parents

I see Dae-Jung as my brother figure, He's like oppa to me, even if he is cruel and merciless, but, he would never attack me, or attack his Korean colleagues, he is prideful, so, he would never attack the other East and South East Asians, reason? If he sees you as a colleague, he will not attack you, unless you really, really anger him ~ Matthew on Ri Dae-Jung



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