Matt Williams (born September 2, 2017 in Dublin, Ireland) is one of the adoptive sons of Petunia and Bryce Williams. He was born in Dublin, Ireland



Family TreeEdit


Bryce -

Petunia -

John -

Josephine -

Jett -


  • His full name is Matthew Connor Williams
  • For Halloween 2028, he was dressed up as Chucky from Child's Play
  • For Halloween 2035, he was dressed up as Bender from Futurama
  • In Christmas 2028, he opened his presents to reveal an XBOX One, an iPad 6 in black, Lego sets, a lava lamp, a My Left Foot DVD, a South Park Season 3 DVD and a Ted DVD. And in his stocking, he found a pair of natural Monroe PANDA wood sunglasses, concert tickets and a blue iPod Shuffle.
  • In Christmas 2035, he opened his presents to reveal a guitar, 3-D puzzles, a bulletin board, . And in his stocking, he found concert tickets, a new wallet, and a Ted 2 blu-ray.
  • His favorite movie is Get Smart
  • His favorite TV show is Friends
  • His favorite color is Aqua
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is
  • His favorite hobbies are collecting coins
  • His favorite video game is The Simpsons Game
  • He is made fun for having tattoos of heavy metal rock music on his arm


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