Matilda Bedrich (born June 13th, 2033 in Toronto, Ontario in Canada) is one of the vigintuplet children of Camille Bedrich.


She has bangs with long copper-red hair, she has freckles across her nose and part of her cheeks, she wears boy t-shirts and shorts that she is a tomboy.



Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Matilda Leslie Bedrich
  • She loves chocolate ice cream
  • She and her vigintuplet siblings receive coal for Christmas 2035
  • For Halloween 2035, she was dressed up as a witch
  • She and her vigintuplet siblings were expelled from 10 schools
  1. Rainbow Castle Preschool
  2. Pineridge Preschool
  3. Yorkdale Preschool
  4. Pussywillow Preschool
  5. New Beginnings Preschool
  6. Animal Crackers Preschool
  7. Mini Muffins Preschool for aggressive behavior towards other children
  8. Oakcrest Playschool
  9. St. Anthony's Preschool
  10. Willow Park Preschool
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Her favorite animal is kitten
  • Her favorite holiday is Valentine's Day
  • Her favorite movie is My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
  • Her favorite candy is chocolate chip cookies
  • Her favorite cartoon character is Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls
  • Her favorite game is Checkers
  • Her favorite TV show is The Powerpuff Girls
  • Her favorite book is My Beautiful Mommy by Michael Salzhauer
  • She is a fan of Taylor Swift
  • She loves to have tea parties with her stuffed animals
  • She and her family moved to Alaska a week before Annie visited the Bedrichs. They were originally from Canada.


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