Mary-Melissa Thorndyke (born October 2, 2010) is the daughter of Sonia and Marco Thorndyke and granddaughter of Barbara. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden.


Mary-Melissa has long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She wears casual clothes, but mostly wears a pink cheerleader uniform.


Family TreeEdit


  • Her full name is Mary-Melissa Thorndyke
  • She is the head cheerleader in high school
  • She is good friends with Lucy Burb and Fernanda Wailems
  • She likes peppermint ice cream
  • Her talents include popular vocal, classical violin, coronet medley, clarinet, classical piano, painting exhibition, violoncello, soft shoe comedy dance and baton twirling
  • Her favorite movie is Save the Last Dance
  • Her favorite TV show is Bob's Burgers
  • For Halloween 2025, she dressed up as a fairy
  • Her favorite color is purple


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