Martin Family
Season 9, Episode 18
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In this episode, Jo heads to Pleasantview to help single mother Lynne Martin (32). Lynne is the host of the popular lifestyle TV show "Prime Weekend" and journalist/news presenter for "Prime Local News". At the same time, she's trying to discipline her three out-of-control children. Identical twins Kendra and Sandra (9) fight with each other and are always defiant, while Freddie (7) throws tantrums fit for a toddler when things don't go his way. Can Jo bring stability to this household?

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone (for Kendra and Sondra) and Naughty Chair (for Freddie)

Other techniques used: Sweethearts Technique, Chore Chart, Car Drill Technique and Snack Box Technique.

Jo Frost-11-25-11

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