Jo Frost-11-25-11

In this episode, Jo heads to Bangor to help out single mother Kellie Marshall (42). Kellie was left to raise her three children on her own after her husband Aaron's death from blood poisoning a year ago and things have been downhill since. Marie-Claire (15) has turned to alcohol and is on the verge of being expelled from high school, Joshua (12) is lashing out at his mother and calling her horrible names and Crystal (8) is refusing to eat any home-cooked meals, prefering to eat junk food. Can Jo help out this grieving family or is the pain too much to mend?

Discipline techniques used: Naughty Tent (for Marie-Claire and Joshua), Lose What You Like Chart (for Marie-Claire and Joshua) and Thinking Pond (for Crystal).

Other techniques used: Chore Chart, Good Eater, Snack Box Technique, Sweethearts Technique and Involvement.