Marsh Family is a Fanon sixth season episode of Supernanny. 28-year-old Lynn and 33-year-old Elton from Washington, D.C., have five kids: Mary-Beth, 4; Janice, 1; Stacey, 3; Marcos, 7; and Luke, 2. Mary-Beth, diagnosed with severe Autism, exhibits screaming, pushing lawn furniture over, hitting, and throwing tantrums. Stacey and Marcos pour shampoo out of the bottles and onto their mother's bed, crave sugar-packed diets, snack on junk foods, terrorize their younger siblings, Luke and Janice. Marcos is also slacking on his homework, playing violent video games, and not listening to his parents.
The kids' eating habits are no better, for they kick up whenever the family goes out to eat, especially when they do not want to try the new foods. Janice on the other hand is 100% well behaved. Can Nanny Jo turn thing around to help this family? This episode features the issue of the Chill-Out Chair, Video Games Technique, Same Page, Good Eater, Homework Station, and Cooperation.