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Markson Family
Season 7, Episode 2
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Binns Family
Gilmore Family
Jo Frost-12-2-11
In this episode, Jo visits a Ponte Vedra family who are struggling to keep their five children under control. Scott (51) and Laura (46) work full-time jobs and hardly have any time to spend with their children. The two eldest children, Alex (17) and Melissa (16) have become third parents to their younger siblings, Hannah (12), Justin (9) and Aaron (6). While Hannah is well-behaved, Justin constantly torments Aaron and even pushes him down the stairs! Aaron has now started hitting his parents and older siblings. At night, Justin refuses to go to sleep. With Alex and Melissa already behind in their school work, will they be able to turn to Jo for help and teach their parents proper discipline?

Time out used in this episode: Calm Down Zone

Other techniques used: Haunted House Reward Chart, Homework Area, Shared Play and Stay in Bed

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