• Eddie seems to have the same brain mixed with Eddie Storkowitz from the short-lived cartoon series, Birdz since they are both very mischievous, have the same name, both wear red shirts, and both often get into trouble a lot. Another similarity is that their favorite hobby is both filmmaking. They also have a crush on their teacher. But the main difference is that Eddie is FAR worse than Eddie Storkowitz and has the same brain mixed with all amok runners in the Supernanny series and the fanon series, but worse than that.
    • This is also the fourth time someone has the same brain mixed with a cartoon character.
  • Orlando seems to have the same brain mixed with Olie from the children's TV series, Rolie Polie Olie since they both enjoy having tons of fun. They both spend time together with friends and always enjoy going out on adventures. They also have similar names (since they both begin with "O"). They are also very friendly and kind.
  • Eddie is currently being home-schooled due to his expulsion from all of the elementary schools in Charleston.
  • Eddie's favorite hobby is filmmaking.

The following schools Eddie has been expelled from:

  1. Bonham Elementary School for putting a dead fly on a girl's hair
  2. Chesapeake Elementary School for posting an expletive-laced tweet on his personal Twitter account
  3. Piedmont Year-Round Education for starting up fights with whomever he could
  4. Shoals Elementary School for destroying school property
  5. Watts Elementary School
  6. J E Robins Elementary School
  7. Flinn Elementary School
  8. Chandler Elementary School for vandalizing the school parking lot with swastikas and dog feces
  9. Holz Elementary School for destroying school property
  10. St. Anthony Catholic School
  11. Glenwood Elementary School for setting the classroom on fire
  12. Cross Lanes Elementary School for hitting a teacher
  13. Sacred Heart Catholic School for blowing up the entire school with a bomb
  14. Kings Way Christian Academy
  15. Kenna Elementary School for bringing a rifle and threatening to kill the teacher with it.
  16. Charleston SDA School
  17. Fairhaven Christian School
  18. Kanawha City Elementary School for stealing
  19. Mountaineer Montessori School for the Anti-Semitic prank
  20. Elk Elementary Center for the hazing incident
  21. St. Agnes School
  22. Christian Family Academy
  23. Overbrook Elementary School for posting an F-bomb-laden tweet on his personal Twitter account
  24. Carver Career Center for causing an accident in the school parking lot
  25. Brookside Christian Academy for plagiarism
  26. Point Harmony Elementary School for flushing cherry bombs down the toilet in the boys' bathroom
  27. Ruffner Elementary School for computer hacking
  28. Weberwood Elementary School for the gas leak incident
  29. Grandview Elementary School
  30. Malden Elementary School
  31. Bible Center School
  32. K12 International Academy
  33. Chamberlain Elementary School
  • Orlando has starred in over 90 TV shows, 20 Movies, 15 TV Specials, and 85 interviews. He also starred in over 100 commercials and is a successful child actor.

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