Marisa Iconic-Todaro (born July 11, 2019) is a daughter of Giuseppe Todaro and Paula Iconic.


She has short red hair, light skin and brown eyes.


She's fun-loving, kind, and thoughtful from the inside, on the outside, she is very emotional, and wants revenge on her father, aunt, and uncles.

Family TreeEdit


Giuseppe Todaro:

Lucy Iconic-Todaro:

Imogen Iconic-Todaro:

Myles Iconic-Todaro

Rico Iconic-Todaro:

Corey Iconic-Todaro:

Paula Iconic:

Jamie Haminton:


In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit


  • Her full name is Marisa Brooke Iconic-Todaro
  • She unfairly receives coal for Christmas 2031, due to Giuseppe falsely claiming to Santa that she and Imogen were very naughty so he could ruin their Christmas, but Paula set things right for the girls when she found out
  • Her favorite video game is Disney Magical World for Nintendo 3DS


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