Nicole: "10-year old Marie Lara-Rutter, who is from North Korea or DPRK, ended up in hospital after nearly being beaten to death by her tormenters in the girl's bathroom, she was found by pupils after she failed to show up for her 8th period."

[Marie is holding her Law plush while sitting, eating her lunch]

[Six girls come up to Marie]

Girl 1: "I know what you dirty little g**ks are doing to us Americans, me and the girls decided that they will be no more commie g**ks!"

[One of the girls snatch Marie's doll and one of the girls physically brings her into a bathroom and beats her violently]

Girl 2: "Communists like you don't deserve this toy, we'll give it to the ladies!"

Girl 3: "Why does that cutie Korean Andrew like you best, you don't deserve a boyfriend!"

Marie: " don't deserve him......"

Girl 1: "You f***ing b****!"

Marie: "MOM! DAD! HELP ME!"

[Girl 1 holds Marie by her collar]


Marie: "No!"

Girl 1: "Say it!"

[Girl 1 then smashes her against a wall]

Girl 4: "Give me your lapel pins!"

Girl 5: "I got a butter knife, let's cut her leg open!"

[Girl 5 then uses the butter knife on Marie, causing her to scream]

Marie: "It hurts mom, save me, uwahhhhh!"

Girl 5: "SHUT UP!"

[Girl 5 stabs Marie a couple of more times]

Girl 5: "Just die, no one wants you, your a s***ty person, you don't deserve this plush, Just die, Hurry up, die."

[Girl 4 and 3 hold up Marie by the neck, then push her to the ground and violently stomp on her]

Girl 1: "Tear her clothes with the knife."

[Girl 5 tears her clothing using a knife without them falling off]

Nicole: "The torture to the poor girl went on for more than 23 minutes until lunch was over."

[23 minutes later]

Girl 6: "I hope your happy now, you b****!"

[Girl 6 put's Marie's Law plush the sink and her on the toilet seat in one of the stalls]

Mr. Sam (Marie's Maths teacher): "Where's Marie? Andrew and James, go find Marie."

Andrew: "Got it."

James: "Marie Finding Team is on!"

[James and Andrew look around the school]

Andrew: "Wei, have you seen Marie?"

Wei: "I last saw her eating her life lunch near the girl's toilet, I went to the boy's toilet and after I went, Marie was gone and the doors were shut."

Andrew: "But, we need a girl to get in the girl's bathroom."

[The boys see a Japanese-Taiwanese girl go up to them]

Andrew: "Hey, Mi-Lan, We're looking for a North Korean girl, she's 11, she had a plush toy in her hands, and she was wearing a lapel pin of Kim Jong-il, can you go in the girl's bathroom, I cannot go in there."

Mi-Lan: "Sure!"

[Mi-Lan, then goes into the bathroom]

Mi-Lan: "Found her doll, she's in one of the stalls guys!"

Andrew: "Alright, she wears a blue pair of jeans, is there anyone else here!"

Mi-Lan: "Nope, I don't see anyone!"

[Mi-Lan goes to the stall Marie is in]

Mi-Lan:: "Hey, it's open!"

[Mi-Lan opens the door, revealing Marie bloodied and battered with blood running down her legs, chest and bruises, she screams in horror]


[Andrew and James come into the bathroom]


Marie: (weakly} "Andrew, is that you?"

Andrew: "Yes, I'm here!"

Marie: "Where's my doll?"

[Mi-Lan gives Marie her doll]

Marie: "Andrew, please, help me!"

[Marie then passes out, then James runs to Mr. Sam's class]

James: "Mr. Sam, come with me this instant!"

[Mr. Sam then leaves the class with James and into the girl's toilets]

Mr. Sam: "Marie! I'll get her mom and dad on the phone!"

[Mr. Sam gets his phone and dials Zoe's number]

Mr. Sam: (on phone) "Mrs. Lara-Rutter, please, come to the school, your daughter is badly hurt and beaten!"

Zoe: "If she dies, her biological parents are gonna kill me!"

Marie: (slurred and quiet) "Mo-mm, whelllp mehhhh" (Translated: Mom, help me)

Mr. Sam: "Please come here ASAP!”

Zoe arrives at the schoolEdit

[Zoe finds a pool of blood and grabs her iPhone and calls 911]

In hospital Edit

[Laura laughs]

Laura: "Look, my stepsister's gonna be a mummy for Halloween!"

[Laura laughs and laughs]

Laura: "Or shall we call you Queen Cleopatra?"

Ri Kon-Yung is notifiedEdit

[Ri Kon-Yung is standing still]

Ri Kon-Yung: "" (Translation: I hope Ri Min-Li's good)

[Park Kwang-Sun is talking to another South Korean border guard]

Park Kwang-Sun: "" (Translation: I need to talk to Ri Kon-Yung)

Border Guard: "" (Translation: You two can meet at the line that connects North and South)

Park Kwang-Sun: "" (Translation: Thank you)

Park Kwang-Sun goes outside, then Ri Kon-Yung goes up to him]

Park Kwang-Sun: "" (Translation: I have been informed by Zoe that Ri Min-Li, is injured in school, she has been beaten by six girls, she stole the doll my son has given her and put it in the sink, she was found in one of the stalls by a teacher and students)

Ri Kon-Yung: "" (Translation: What?)

Park Kwang-Sun: "" (Translation: Look, she is still alive, her leg was stabbed, nose broken, bruises, she, according to Park Young-Soo, looked like a Yodok victim)

The message has been sent to the schoolEdit

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