• Noah's favorite ice cream flavor is guava
  • Irina's favorite dessert dish is Finland ice cream
  • Bailey's favorite color is purple
  • Lauren's favorite song is "Old MacDonald"
  • Kristen's college major is Cosmetology
  • Adam's college major is Culinary Arts
  • Chris's favorite toy is his Driger Beyblade
  • Jeremy's favorite TV program is Pokemon Black and White
  • Kaylah's least favorite school subject is History
  • Ricky's college major is Architecture
  • Joshua's favorite activity is playing football
  • Melanie's favorite school subject is oceanography
  • Bailey is allergic to jackfruit
  • In Christmas 2015, Chris, Kaylah, Irina and Lauren each received nothing but coal in their stockings.
  • Lauren attends West Side Plaza Headstart

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