Tonight On SupernannyEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."


[Edward screams]

Imogen: "Ewwwww! Ugly!"

Kimberley: "You are so stuck-up!"

Announcer: "Nanny Gloria heads to Phoenix to help the Mallei Family, whose second eldest child has Down Syndrome."

Edward: "Kimberley looks like a mess!"

Submission ReelEdit

Gloria: "I'm in Phoenix, Arizona, ready to help a family with a kid who has Down syndrome. Take a look."

Elizabeth: "Hi, we're the Mallei Family. I'm Elizabeth and this is my husband Fred."

Fred: "We have 4 children. Felix is 11, Kimberley is 8, Edward is 5 and Imogen is 2."

Elizabeth: "Our eldest daughter was born with Down syndrome."

[We see a picture of Kimberley]

Gloria: "I wonder if there's issues due to her condition."

Observation BeginsEdit

[Gloria rings the doorbell]

[Elizabeth opens the door]

Elizabeth: "Hello! This is our daughter Kimberley, who was naturally born with Down Syndrome."

Gloria: "I see."

[Edward comes into the living room]

Edward: "Kimberley's face looks like a chubby alien!"

Fred: "Hi, I'm Fred."

Gloria: "Hi, Fred."

Fred: "As you can see, our daughter has Down Syndrome, so her younger siblings are teasing her for her condition."

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