The Mahrajne Family is a fanon season 21 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help out Sophie (25) while her husband Terry (33) is gone as a fireman, working 5 to 6 nights a week. Sophie has 6 unruly children: Tobias (5), Chuckie (4), fraternal triplets Samantha, John, and Sherman (3), and Terry (2). The children spit on people, ruin kits, spray tomato sauce, hit people in the nose with items, throw kits out the window, refuse to eat healthy foods and always eat unhealthy foods, put live spiders in Sophie's drinks, kick her in the shin, throw basketballs and her, chase her out of the house crying and screaming, and chant out "You're not my mother! So you can't tell us... What to do!", and then hides the tiltular object. Can Jo help this family?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Platform (for Tobias and Chuckie), and Naughty Pit (for Samantha, John, Sherman, and Terry) 

Naughty Platform