The Madigan-Bobbalu Family is an unlockable episode in Supernanny: The Theory 2, once after the defeat of Brahm and Treat, which can be purchased for 10,000 jewels. Jo visits a Telugu-American blended family. Gadadhara Bobbalu (46) and Charice Madigan (30) have since raised five children. Cher, at just 13 years, 307 days, is forced to work as a third parent. Gadadhara formed something even worse than 4Kids--Fajuajux Control. Gadadhara has two boys and two girls from his previous marriage--Ayarko (22) who formed something even unnecessary than 4Kids--Ginjosijen Control. Kaamil (20) also formed something even abusive than 4Kids--Luhijikquorco. It was Ayarko's idea. Plus Charice's children--Tess (9), Erin (7), and Cruise (5). These children are so unruly. Gadadhara is televison-unfriendly and can't spell much. (instead of Y-O-U, he spells it like just U! Instead of F-L-O-O-R, he spells it like F-E-E-E-E!) "What is that, Tesseh? Smooth? Smoothit? Uh-uhhh-uhhh... S.... uh-uh-uh, U.... uh... H, I, uh.. T. Smoothit!" Can Jo help this family now?

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