The MacMillan Family is an episode of Fanon Season 31, Annie visits a family in Coalisland, Northern Ireland where two sisters despise each other despite their huge age difference, Mila, age 52 and John, age 56, have six children, Anna, age 32, Jane, age 31, Joshua, age 30, Andy, age 18, Evan, age 16, and Shanda, age 14, their nephews and nieces, Mindy, age 12, Ronnie, age 9, Sheena, age 7, Linna, who is Jane's daughter and is aged 4, and R.J (Richard James), age 11 months, while the three boys, R.J and Anna are well-behaved, Mindy back talks to her mother, Sheena and Ronnie fight, while Linna throws tantrums, Jane and Shanda's relationship is very violent and intense, they yell at each other, Shanda is sick of Jane constantly asking her parents to help Linna, ruining time, the two sisters, driving their mother to tears and Jane wants Shanda to look after Linna, Will Annie help, or will the tenses rises?

Discipline Techniques: Reflection Room (for Shanda, Mindy, Ronnie and Sheena), Naughty Cube (for Linna)

Other Techniques: Sister Box

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